Should I update my iphone 4 to ios7? - 1

I've had my iphone 4 for 2 years, it runs pretty well.
I heard some people had really bad problems when they updated their iphone 4, but I also heard other people's phones were fine.

It wouldn't hurt, plus the added features are pretty nice. I'm sure you'll love it. Just don't forget to backup your phone on iTunes incase something bad happens.

I know that I updated mine to iOS 7 and it still functions perfectly, just as before. Unless you don't like things about iOS 7 then I would update.

IOS7 is really simple and straight forward- having most of the gadgets pretty handy to use- with a swipe of a finger from the bottom you have access to wifi connection/airplane mode/music skipping and volume/etc. And the settings are a lot faster to get to, no more flipping over and over through tabs just a simple list.

I would suggest you do so now, it's a really helpful update. Scrolling through the general look of it might also be the deal breaker for you.

I would wait a few more days because they are still having issues for the iPhone 4. That's what I'm doing anyway:) x

If it runs well then I would just stick with it, the new features like Airdrop, Burst and slo motion camera, fingerprint authorization, you wont have that anyways since thats all hardware.

Maybe it runs a little slower than before when you install iOS 7. The configuration of iPhone 4 is not enough.

I have the iPhone 4 and I hate the iOS7 update. I have to cut my phone off to get out of music, messages, contacts, etc. And go into a different app. When I double click the button to minimize the app I'm in so I can go into something else the phone freezes and won't allow me to do it. I have to cut the phone off completely to get out of an app. I hate this update!

did anyone update there phone to IOS7.1 YET