Should I use icloud to backup my iphone?

I had to restore my computer to its factory settings a couple of months ago. I was able to save all of my media goodies to my external hard drive. Since downloading itunes again I have been able to directly drag my music back into my library: The issue I'm having is that my phone is no longer synced to itunes on my computer. I'm ok with having to restore it but the last time I had to do this it was pain in the *** having to recover all of my apps (I had to write to apple because the app store was telling me I had to pay for apps I had already purchased and were on my account). I don't really know anything about icloud and was hoping someone could give me the best scenario as to how to go about restoring my phone so that I am able to put music back on my phone with the easiest solution possible. Thanks.

No idea

Get iCloud! Everything is saved automatically to other apple mobile devices (ipod, ipad) and itunes. You can't lose things. And you don't have to upload everything manually, it does it for you and instantly.