Sites That Sell Electronics Cheap?

Know any sites that sell iPods, Macs, iPhones, etc for a few bucks? Something like is really more of a casino where the majority of bidders get nothing for their money, perhaps one out of 10 actually gets something for the ridiculously low advertised prices. (There's a $60 sign up deposit required)

Super low prices might be total scams, Chinese counterfeits, some with little functional resemblance to the real thing, or service contract bundle deals. There's risk buying from ebay or Craigslist sellers, might be more worn than advertised or may be stolen.

Walmart or Radio Shack (coupon) have iPhone5c for $50 with a service contract.

Have you head of "Buy Sell Trade"? Its similar to Craigslist and my cousin uses it all the time and gets fairly new stuff for really cheap.