Stuck on apple logo after iOS 6 update?

I updated the iOS 6 software from my iPhone while charging it. After the update, my phone was restarted. Around 30 mins later the apple logo still there. I turn off the phone by pressing the power and home button. Turned it back on, the same thing happened. Still stuck on the apple logo.
I did not back up my pictures, videos and other stuff on my iCloud and computer. People told me to go on recovery mood and try to recover it. I tried but then it told me to restore. If I restore it, everything will be lost. The things inside my iPhone is important especially my pictures.
Do you know what I can do to fix my iPhone and get back the stuff thats inside?

The only way to fix the iPhone would be a restore, and that would lose your info.

I think you are going to have to bring it somewhere that specializes in data recovery. Unfortunately the Apple store will probably give you the same basic answer, it needs a restore, but you could try asking them. Its really a good idea to back up regularly, especially when you are doing any kind of installations or updates to your phone, because although rare things to happen that make it go wrong. Have you tried plugging your phone into your computer to iTunes? It may tell you your software or something has gone corrupt and will re-install it or something. I think, for future notice, it is a better idea to do the install through iTunes, downloading it on the computer then transferring it to your phone is usually a more reliable way.