Switch verizon iphone4 to prepaid?

I currently have a iphone 4 and I want to switch it to the prepaid way. I have verizon as a carrier and was wondering could I change it to the verizon pay as you go way? I seen somewhere its 50 bucks unlimited everything, has anyone done this if so how? If you know how to switch to any other prepaid carriers let me know, it dosent have to be verizon. By the way the phone is not in a contract.

The Verizon prepaid plan for an Iphone would be $80 for unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. The $80 plan is the only plan for Verizon prepaid that allows smart phones.

I do not know if Verizon will allow an Iphone for prepaid.

Net10 offers a $50 unlimited talk, text and web plan with 30 service days. I do not think that Verizon phones are allowed to be used with this plan. Net10 only sells sim cards that are compatible with unlocked GSM, AT&T and T-Mobile phones, except Blackberries. Straight Talk would not work with your phone either.

You may be able to use Page Plus Cellular with your Verizon Iphone 4.

where do you go to switch from contract to prepaid