Switching from Verizon to Sprint?

So I currently have the Samsung Intensity II on Verizon, and my parents are interested in getting me an iPhone. According to Verizon, we can't upgrade until next August, so I won't be able to get an iPhone with our Family Plan nor through Verizon. We are thinking about going through Sprint. How would we go about removing my old phone from our plan and then getting the iPhone through Sprint? I am hoping to keep my same phone number if that's possible, but if I can't then I can deal with it.

Wow thats amazing. I have the same cell phone and going threw sprint to get iphone. And yes you can keep your old number. What you would do is go to a store that caries all providers and they will switch your account to sprint. Or if not then go to verizon and cancel the account and then go to sprint store and get account with them.