Switching Sprint iPhone 4s to prepaid?

I have been in contract with Sprint on my iPhone for about 13-14 months. If I end the contract and pay the early termination fee, can I then switch to a prepaid service?

No, that iPhone is locked to sprint (No unlock for any other USA network) and will only work with Sprint or a provider in a different country.

Some people use to flash a sprint phone and spoof the IMEI numbers to trick boost and virgin (both sprint prepaid providers) into adding them but in October this was deemed illegal and could get you in to some trouble if they ever caught it.

There is no legal way to use it another carrier, if it was the AT&T version you would have many more options.

Yes you would pay $349 etf and the full price of the iphone, and you wont be able to use as a sprint prepaid.

Pay your early termination fee and the only place you can use it is Sprint prepaid. These phones are cdma technology so they cannot be unlocked. Maybe you could flash it to another carrier, but that's dicey.