Text are going to my old iPhone!

so I have an old iphone 4 and now im currently using galaxy s3
i still use my iphone as like an itouch and yesterday i upgraded my iphone and this thing popped up and i pressed ok or whatever even before i could read it.
After that whenever someone with iphone tries to text me, it would go to my brother's iphone! (because my brother and i share same apple ID)
so i told my brother to check off my number from the send&receive menu
and now he doesn't get it anymore but it started to come to my iphone.
So i turned off my iMessage… But I still don't get the text on my galaxy s3.

What can I do to fix this problem/?

Those people are texting you to your Apple ID (iMessage), not your phone number.iMessage isn't connected in any way to your real phone number.

The Galaxy S3 doesn't support iMessage, so you'll need to ask all of your friends to make a new contact of you with your number.

Does anyone know how to get my iPhone 5 to get texts from my new iPhone 6 to Judt mirror to it