The best ways to take care of my iPhone 5?

I just recently got my iPhone 5 and I would really like to take care of it in the best way possible.
I don't want to take advantage and throw it around like most do. I want to ensure that I take care of it.
That being said, I've never had a smartphone before.

So I was wondering if someone could please advice me on the best ways I can take care of my iPhone. And that includes the case, the charger, the iPhone itself, etc.

What are some brands to use for a case.
And what are some ways to take care if my charging cable because I hear that it breaks a lot and my chargers always seem to breakdown before my phone.
(I heard that putting electrical tape at the end of the iPhone charger will prevent it from being bent and will stop it from breaking)

Any help will be great.
Thanks so much to anyone that helps!

Thank you.

Sara, Take care of yourself…
I know you love your new phone, but you are more precious than your phone do you know that?
BTW, you can always buy back covers from casemate and screen guards from scratchguard.
That should protect your iphone
and remember to charge it only when battery is below 20%, it improves battery life and other things are keep it away from water and don't mix it up with keys in your bag.
That will be enough.