Through Verizon, how much is an iPhone 4s per month?

I want to get an iPhone, but my mom keeps saying it's $30 a month just for 1 iphone, which doesn't seem write to me. I could've sworn it was $10 a month. Plus, my mom will basically say anything to get me out of spending my money, so I don't really trust that she's telling the truth. I would be paying for the phone anyways, as I have a job.

If I got an iPhone 4s on a 2 year plan, how much would it cost per month?

My dad has an iPhone 4S with Verizon (I hate it).
It's an extra $30 a month for internet (not $10. Your mom is right) and if you use a lot of data, your bill will skyrocket.
My dad calls a lot since he's a businessman and his bill SKYROCKET last month. For his phone only, he paid like $110!

Actually, it all depends. First you have to buy the phone. Also, how much data you want. I believe its standard $40 for unlimited talk and text, plus about $40 extra for data. So about $100 per month after taxes.

When I bothered to go to the Verizon website and check for myself, I found that the monthly charge was $49.95.

You would get a discount with a 2 year plan. But you have to pay data. I can't really tell how much it is because there's different types of plans