What are quick and easy ways to make money in middle school?

I am saving up my money for the iPhone 5(or 4s) because my phone is the iPhone 3GS and its really slow and doesn't have a front camera or face time and stuff like that. I really want it soon because my phone is on the verge of breaking. The sim card keeps falling out, it dies really fast, and the headphone jack is broken. I would like a variety of options so I can do more than one thing to get money fast. Im not a big fan of cleaning but I already do jobs around the house but that wont get me a new phone. It will be about 240 with the upgrade since I have 60 from my birthday. I just recently decided I wanted a new phone so that's why I have like no money. Please help me!

I used to train dogs and give lessons at a local horse ranch. But you could do yard work and sell candy bars. Just ask kids for a dollar and give them candy bars something like that.

Sell razors (I paid a LOT for my old one)

Sell drawings/stories/poems

Um… Gum or candy (kids in my clas do that)


Sell things that are frowned upon in general (NOTHING illegal)

Dance for tips?

Sell sweets at a cheep price, or sell weed but i wouldn't recommend it its a last resort cuz you make fast esay money but has alot of risks

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