What are things to ask for Christmas if you're a teen girl?

Every year my family wants me to make a list for Christmas by Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I didn't give it much thought yet.
The list is for my extended family so not anything too expensive like an iPhone or a new camera.
I already have an iPod.
I can't ask for make up because they won't know anything about it
I play guitar, ukulele, piano, clarinet, and saxophone so anything music related.
I like photography but everything's a bit pricey.
I like shopping and anime.
Last year my Aunt got me Plants vs Zombies (which I asked for) so any cute game like that for xbox 360. I want minecraft but I don't have xbox live gold.
Basically anything at a decent price that wouldn't be too hard to find.

I'm asking for a Polaroid camera (they have modern versions on amazon for like $50) and everyone who asks me what I want, I tell then film for said camera.

Try asking for a gift card to a music store or for FYE for anime related stuff