What do you like better iphone 5 or GS4?

Which do you think is better?



iphone looks and have no special new features for a few generation now, it's so boring

I have an iPhone 5, and I've had an iPhone 4s in the past. I can't stand using any other mobile device, I don't necessarily believe iPhones are superior and are "the best phone" in relation to specs and features. But I just like the way it's designed and laid out, it's easier to use in my opinion, and just overall a more user friendly phone. I'd always choose an iPhone, just because I am comfortable with them and they've never disappointed me before in the past.

I saw a TV show that showed that the iphone is programmed to go wrong after about 2yrs and to fix it will not be worth it ad you will be talked into buying a new one

Samsung for me

It's hard to go wrong with an iphone, I know quite a few who tried something different and now are still trying to get out of that deal and go back. Iphone also has the best security by far.