What does 'S' stands for in iPhone 5S?

Please no stupid answers. I want to know the truth

I think S stands for either speed or successor.

Well since the phone hasn't been officially announced as the 5S, no one would know that. Of course it is 90% likely that it will be the 5S.

Still, no one would know until Apple says what it means which they do sometime after the fact.

For the record the S in 3GS was for speed, S in 4S was for Siri & my guess is that the S in 5S would mean scan, as in finger scanning which it is expected to have.

There is no iphone 5s.
the 5c will be announced on sept 10th. The c is for color

The s in 3gs meant speed and they continued it for the 4s and maybe 5s. The s in 4s isn't exactly known but I don't think they meant for it to mean siri I think they continued for it to mean speed because every s model usually only gets a better processor which means it is faster.