What does this iPhone Symbol mean?

The Symbol looks like: A Cloud with a arrow sign in it thats pointing down.
i got it when i deleted a game from my iPhone and when i got back to donwload it again, instead of the button install it is the cloud apearing

It just means that you can tap that to download whatever it is (e.g., a song or app you've already bought).


Hi the same is happening to me… I deleted an app and trying to download it again… Getting this cloud with arrow down, however when iam clicking the cloud it's not reloading it and it's not appearing on my phone. Please advise what I need to do again. Thanks

I'm trying to download something and this comes up and won't let me continue downloading?

I deleted an app because it wasn't working when I try to download it again by clicking on the cloud with the down arrow it isn't downloading it?

Same thing going on with my phone how do you make the app work again