What happens if I stop paying my sprint bill?

I joined sprint a month ago. I hate there data because its 3G where I am and it's super slow on my iPhone 5. I'm trying to get off there service and join Verizon or some other service. I plan on stop paying my bill, throw away the sim card and join another service. Do you think this is a good idea. Sprint's termination fee is 350, too much for me. I'm trying to get a prepaid plan. I'm a us marine and I move around a lot. Sometimes I don't use my phone for weeks when I'm in training.

If you're going prepaid won't matter much. But as for not paying your bill they will continue to add monthly fees until it's 1, 000s and then the termination. After that they report you to the credit departments.possibly take you to court, depending on how much you owe. *** w your credit so bad. If you're going to get a monthly plan, I would start it before you stop paying your bill, in order to avoid deposits. All in all be better to just pay 350 seriously.

Going to a prepaid account is smart. I did exactly the same thing 2 years ago. They might put a mark on your credit report, but it's not much. And won't effect your credit. Most people I know have done The same thing. With no consequence. You won't be able to unlock the phone since they changed the law. But there are some people who might do it anyway. But an unlocked phone from a different carrier may not work on data. I would look on eBay for the phone you want. Mine is 4g and works great. Plus I paid less than 100 bucks for mine. It was worth it.