What happens if you don't pay for something in eBay?

Okay so I bid for an iPhone on eBay, but now I really don't want it. So what happens if I don't pay it? Does it get legal, like a bad credit score or something? Or is it just a bad rating on eBay and nothing else happens?

If you dont pay for it they will open an unpaid case in there will be an strike on your ebay account and if you get a certin amount of strikes on your account they will close your account down for good

If the auction has not ended, you can cancel your bid (site map at the very bottom of page). If you did win - you can contact the seller immediately to ask them to cancel the sell (they do not have to) but at least if you get them early enough, they may grant you permission. Otherwise you will be stuck with an unpaid item as the previous answer explained.

It creates a real mess for the seller. Many people who sell stuff on Ebay are just regular folks who are trying to make a little extra money to pay the bills. When you are the winning bidder and don't hold up your end of the bargin it puts the seller in a bind. He is repsonsible for paying listing fees, and seller fees based on the selling price. He is charged these fees by ebay. If you don't pay he has to file a complaint with ebay and wait for their investigation and decision before he gets his fee refunded to him. Even if he gets the fee refunded he still loses out on the opprotunity to sell his item. He has to relist it and wait for it to sell agian.

You will probably just get bad feedback and maybe banned from ever bidding on ebay again.

When you bid on something you are giving your word and promise that you will pay for it.

You get negative feedback and if you do it 3 times you loose your account.

so if you feel you will never do it again (by that i mean don't do it 2 more times), fee free to take the negative feedback.

BUT tell the seller. As a seller i have had people say "i made a mistake" or "i just don't want it"-- SELLERS CAN DELETE YOUR BID AND RE-LIST THEN ITEM. I am more then willing to let it go and re-list the item. It takes much less work then going through the complaint process.