What happens if you don't pay your iPhone 4 bill?

Like if you get an iPhone 4 with a two year contract with at&t and the bill doesn't get paid.

You get charged a $349 etf and the full price of the iphone 4,$549

First, you get the bill… If you think your big and bad and cool and dont pay the bill, then they suspend you (phone service is shut off but you still have access to the phone number) and your FICO credit scroe is dinged. You have 30 days to pay it.

Still think your cool? Dont pay it. Now you are Disconnected. Phone service us shut off. Wireless Carrier put your phone number back in the Port Magistrate for a new customer to have. Your ETF FEE of $350 is added to your bill cause you broke contract. And you credit score is dinged… Again… You have 30 days to pay it.

"Oh who care about my credit. Im cool… My wireless carrier aint gonna get paid"… Ok smartie… Get this reality check! READY? The wireless carrier sends… No… SELLS… Your account to an OCA (Outside Collection Agency). Say you bill is $500 now. OCA gives your carrier (ATT in this case) $500… Oh no. ATT GOT PAID! Thats right! The Wireless Carrier is happy. You are no longer their problem. Now your the OCA's issue. They slap 18% onto the bill for OCA fees and they hound you for the next 7 years, the average amount of time an unpaid bill sits in collections. Every month, your FICO credit score is dinged.

It doesnt matter if its ATT or Verizon or Sprint or Tmobile… They all follow the same policy… Even furniture companies and magazine companies… Car loans… Well, not cars… They just repo the car and garnish your wages.lmao!

They cancel your service