What is in my other category on my iPhone?

This "other" is taking up way too much space on my phone, and I do not know how to get rid of it. It is not my recent calls, apps, photos, notes, amount of texts, or mail. I do not know what it could be, and it is bothering me. Please help!

Try to restore your iphone.

What is in the sky made of?

The truth is that only apple know what is in that "other" bit and they arent going to tell us.

I have heard explanations of it ranging from, it's the phones operating system, to people saying its all your texts and emails and webpages and so on. People even say that it's reserved for RAM for the phone or that it's temp storage for all the stuff your phone does in the background.

Basically, your guess is as good as ours and unless your part of Apples iphone development team, you're never going to find out.