What is MF Message Error Domain error 1032? - 1

My iPhone keeps displaying this message and its really annoying. I have read that deleting your yahoo email profile can resolve this but will it erase all my emails currently on my iPhone. Or will it redownload them when I re-register my yahoo email account?

Worked immediately! Many thanks for this advice - phone back to normal. Respect.

Thank you so much for you help worked perfectly best regards

Worked for me too. Thanks.

Thanks worked for me too

Finally! It worked for me too! Thank you very much!

I cannot remove the app. Help!

Thanks for the help. I like my phone again.

Will work for a ipod touch

Anyone can help me do with a ipod touch

I have been on internet all day! Can't believe this worked in about 1 minute! Thank You So Much!

This worked perfectly the first time. Thanks so much!

Didn't work for my iPhone. Tried all day.


Used it on iPhone5… Worked immediately. Wished I would have looked up your solution hours ago ;-)

Totally worked!

Thank you! This worked so quickly after much frustration trying to fix the issue!

Wow! Thank you! I doubted it would work and I am happy to say I was wrong. Thank you

Thank you this worked for me too, I had tried everything I could think of without losing something on the phone! I 4S phone --Thanks!

YEa Worked! Thanks I'm sane again!

Amazing worked first shot 4s phone
thanks so much

After I did the above, my i-phone total lost the screen become black?
How to get it back?

So i didnt understand the minus part but i just tapped till it started shakeing and turned it off how you explained and poof it works thank you so much im so great full have a blessed day

Wow, that was really simple and easy to do. Thanks!

After working on this problem for hours, your suggestion worked. I had no idea what i was doing buy thanks!

Wow, this just worked for my iPhone 4. There was no minus or delete to tap for mail Icon so I just did the next step (soft reset with the sleep and home) while all icons were wiggling. THANK YOU

Awesome! Thanks

Amazingly simple fix. Thanks so much!

Thank you so much.

Thank you, this has plagued me for a couple of weeks after changing password many times. Why didn't I come here first? DUH!

How do I get my e-mails back. How do I fix the MFMessage Error Domain32?

this didn't work for me? Any help

http:/// - http:///

http:/// - http:///

Thanks… Worked like a charm!

my i phone keep showing error domain 1032

my i phone keep showing error domain 1032

I have the 1032 error on my I Phone. I am an uber driver how do I fix this costing me money