What is MF Message Error Domain error 1032?

Got this on my Iphone and its asking for a password? Please email me at chewwink@gmail.com

Go to Tap Settings on the phone than > Mail, Contacts, Calendar and delete your email account.
Then tap Settings > Safari > and Tap Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.
Now tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar and re-enter your email account details.

Thank you so much for getting my email back on my Iphone.

My e-mail works on computer, but not on i-pod. Get JF message error domain error 1032

Sorry MR message error, etc.

Thank you, it worked.

It didn't work on my iPhone 5. When I was at the last step it said that my password was i

When I got to the step to reenter my email details it keeps popping up that my user name or password is wrong

Thanks! So much

Sometimes you have to do the whole process twice to make sure it clears. And if you get the errors make sure you go back in and clear history and cookies or the process wont work

Great thanks so much

The directions were very clear and when followed, of course it worked. Thanks

Yep it works. Thank you!

Thanks so much for your help! Ive been so frustrated and now my email works again:)

I don't know who you are but I really cant thank you enough thank you thank you thank you

Thanks so much. Simple and works.

Worked for me afer trying other methods! Many thanks!

Thank you so much. My E-mail received now. Thanks

I have mfmessageerrordomain1032 on iPhone. Why? How do I get rid if it?


Thank You! Worked Perfect

Great easy help!