What is the best case for iphone 5c?

i need a case for my 5c! I know the back is plastic but I still want to be safe! I have been looking at the lifeproof cases that are clear in the back but I don't want to spend 90 dollars on a. I want a lifeproof, so if you know where I can get one cheap please put a link below, or if you know of a better case please let me know!

SPIGEN iPhone 5C Ultra Hybrid case is a bumper case that protects the back of the device as well. The soft TPU is wrapped around the side of iPhone to provide excellent protection and grip. The transparent back panel lets vibrant colors of iPhone 5C shine through. SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid is a stylish bumper case with full protection. More detail click here http://revicomp.com/best-case-for-iphone-5c-spigen-ultra-hybrid-case/

Some of the best options are iFrogz Icon Case from Zagg, Luvvitt Armor Shell and Palette Case.

Most of theme are light weight, stylish and not much costly.

Hi, what about this koolertron cute pink Genuine Leather iphone 5c case.http://www.koolerbuy.com/koolertron-high-quality-genuine-leather-case-cover-for-apple-iphone-5-p-4850.html

Our store currently offers the below bundled cases that could provide the same protection as Lifeproof cases do and they're a whole LOT CHEAPER. Why don't you try and check them out? A majority of our customers love the protection it gives:D

See it here: iphone 5c

But if you really like Lifeproof, I've searched it for you. See here:

But do note they are still pricey.