What is the difference between iPod 5 and iPhone 5?

I might buy a case for my new iPod 5g. But I don't see as many cases for the iPod, but I see more for the iPhone. Does it matter if I buy an iPhone 5 case for my iPod 5? Or will it not fit, or the camera covered or something?

The only real difference is that they look different first of all as you can see the iphone is only black or white and the ipod can be all sorts of colors but on the ipod you can not call only with the free apps and also the same with text

Nope. Sorry, the shape of these devices is different so the cases are not interchangeable.

Don't waste your time trying to make the wrong case work.

Some cases will work, others wont. The Ipod is thinner in shape, but there are some cases made to work for both.

Yes it does matter. The iPod touch is thinner than the iPhone.

I am disguising my ipod 5 as an iphone 5 my only problem is that the iphone has a speaker hole at the top ipod does not.

i am trying to disguise my ipod 5 as a iphone but its hard because my ipod 5 is blue and iphones do not come in colors o well