What is the difference between the iPhone 5s and 5c?

The specs are pretty much the same so why would you pay £100 more just to say you are superior? I'm digging the green 5c as it's my favorite colour and the plastic will protect my phone because I always drop my phone.

The 5c is using older/current hardware. The 5s is using newer processor, and newer screen tech.

IPhone 5s got the new processor + fingerprint sensor so the performance increases.


oh its so much FUN to hear your iphone fanboys complain over a teir 3 smartphone versus a teir 1 budget class phone… Lmao… Android is not alone anymore.lmao… I love it… All these misconceptions are just now biting you all in the ***! LMAO!


1 phone has modern hardware and stripped of some "cool" stuff… The other has new age hardware and is fully loaded…

newer + fully loaded = teir 3 smartphone and expensive

modern + not fully loaded = budget class teir 1

LMFAO… Oh love it! Wait till you all have memory issues! LMAO!

http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Apple-iPhone-5s, Apple-iPhone-5c/phones/7710, 7983

as you can obviously see, the specs are NOT pretty much the same. One has harder frame while the other is “cheaper” lmao… Then we have CPU. Modern A6 versus new age A7 (to combat Android's Quadcore and new OctoCore androids… Still 1 year behind us, as always)… Different cams… Camcorder recording is crap on the budget iphone, as you can see…

pretty much Apple did what Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, SONY, etc have been doing since 2009… In order to make a Teir 3 into a teir 1 budget phone, you remove a lot of software and you strip down the hardware to its basic elements… This will trim 200-300 dollars off the phone… Thus making it budget class… And more affording to low income people…

so… Here is some advice from Android budget class customers from my store here… Here is what YOU need to ask yourself… “HOW POOR AM I?” Your answer determine what phone you get.

Should I spend $100+ more to get a Galaxy S 4 or Iphone 5s… Or Save $100+ and get a Galaxy S 2 or S3 Galaxy Exhibit or iphone 4/4s/5c

Welcome to budget world!