What's a good video editing app for iPhone that's free?

I need one that I can either pause my recording at least mash videos together. I used to use iMovie but I got a new phone and I use a different apple account now and I don't have any money on it or money to put on it.

Jailbreak your iphone and get anything want for free, simple as that. There is game your video, slopro for 60 FPS and super slo mo and some others out on the app store.

There are free video editing app for for iPad, iPhone and iPod, in which you can edit your videos easily. You can Combine, edit, and trim your videos with ease. These are the free video editing app for iPhone listed below.

Vimeo app
Splice Video Editor App
Video Editor for Free App


You can use the following top free video editing programs:
Microsoft Movie Maker
Apple iMovie
Avid FreeDV

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