What s the difference between iphone 5s and 5c?

2 totally different phones are coming out at the same date and the same company, so what aspects will I be looking towards between these 2?

Price, & build material.

That i know off.apple has been working on the 5c for some time now and its suppose to be the "low budget" phone. So it'll be alot cheaper and it wont be as nice looking with the glass and stuff and metals like the 5 its rumored to be more of a plastic low grade phone for example a galaxy phone ha ha.truthfully only way to know is wait till its released.

Rumor has it that 5S would be the premium model with all the upgrades including 64-bit A7 processor, improved camera with dual LED for better low-light & fingerprint sensor.

The lower cost iPhone 5C is essentially an iPhone 5 with plastic back.

Apple is expected to unveil both phones on Sept 10 and hopefully comes with iOS 7.