What would make an Ipod touch 4th gen look like an Iphone?

My bestie has an Ipod 4th gen and a cassete case that makes it look like a real Iphone. She fools everybody who sees it. My parents got me the same Ipod because the 5th gen was sold out:( and I cant open it till christmas. Anyways, thats not the point, Which cases can I get that will make it look like an Iphone? I like fun cases and that are availible in stores, because I doubt my parents will order it online. And how do I get Siri on the ipod? Like not the dictation kind… But if they only have that then It's fine. Also I heard that you can download Siri from the app store. Can anyone tell me how much it is and if It's true. Thanks a bunch!

- Jody ♥

Otter box case. Everyone of my friends keeps mistaking it for an iPhone 3s

I use the Griffin Survivor Military grade waterproof case and an app called Talkatone for making calls over Google Voice

Just get the same (or same brand) of case your friend has! My white iPod with my case fooled most people… Well, that was BEFORE someone stole it. The cases that are bigger (like jeweled) tend to make the iPod look bigger. The more "fitting"'ones that hug the iPod more don't look as much like an iPhone.

I order mind from HD Accessories, it's a good website!