Whats better iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4?

I went to my account, and i compared the iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy S4 which CellPhone is better?

Samsung S4

The S4 is slightly newer and has slightly better hardware. However, there's some arfchaic design principles on the S4 and some intrusive software (Samsung's TouchWiz); there are better choices for Android devices.

There's tons of articles comparing the two, just search for them. You'll probably see about the same number of "wins" for each phone, based on reviewer bias. Both are solid choices and if you've stuck with one before and liked it (e.g., had an iPhone 4 or some Android device and are upgrading), then there's no real reason to switch.

If it's the first time into the smartphone market, go to a store where you can compare how they act; each has their own set of benefits.

I've had good experiences with the Samsung Galaxy line.

Plus it runs Android which is easier and more user friendly.