Whats the difference between iphone 4s and iphone 5c?

I am willing to buy iphone 5c in india after its launch in market
but i find most of its features to be similar to iphone 4s
please tell me the real difference between these two phones
and what will be h\the price it might be offered in market

The iPhone 5c is exactly the same as 5 except the plastic round the edges. Go onto the apple site and then you can compare their products on there.

Nothing except iPhone 5c has finger print scanner to unlock. And i guess just general improvements like faster internet speed.

The iPhone 5C is the same as the old iPhone 5, but made with plastic. And there's the fingerprint scanner. It differs from 4S in:
- Screen size
- Front camera
- Performance

They have almost same thickness (4S is 9.3mm, 5C is 9mm, which is quite thicker than 5, which is 7.6mm)

It DOES NOT have fingerprint scanner. Only 5S has it. Price… Might be around 40k, but can't say. You should definitely not pay more than iphone 5's price for it.

Screen size

See for yourself

The iPhone 5C is a cheaper variant of the iPhone 5S, by Apple Inc. The iPhone 4S predates the iPhone 4S and was launched after iPhone 4.It was officially released in October 2011.

Iphone 5c features and positive points over iphone 4s:

It is available in different colors with different silicon rubber cases.besides that,

1. Iphone 5c: 1136x640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi whereas
iphone 4s: 960x640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi

2. Iphone 5c: Talk time is up to 10 hours on 3G whereas
iphone 4s: Talk time is up to 8 hours on 3G

3. Iphone 5c: It has free paid apps from apple like:
iphoto, imovie, keynote, pages, numbers, ibooks, itunes U
podcasts, find my iphone, find my friend, remote, itunes festival etc.
(sums upto Rs 5000 approximately) whereas
iphone 4s: It has none of the above apps available free with it.

4. Iphone 5c: Price Rs.35, 000 - 40, 000(expected)
iphone 4s: Price Rs.32, 000

All and all iphone 5c has an upper hand.