When is IOS7 for the iPhone 5 Out?

When is ios7 out for the iPhone 5 when's the release date and plus I'm in the Uk so when will it be out in the UK? Is it already out in the USA? And last question what is IOS7 Beta?

No one really knows when it will come out, but 99.9% is that it will be out before the end of the year.
apparently the 5s will be out between june and october. And the iphone 6 september - january.
theres gonna be a whole different design on the iphone 6, they've changed the home screen and the way it opperates, so it will be completely different from all the other apple products.

Ios 7 beta is already out for the iphone but you have to be a developer to get it, and the real version won't come out until the Fall don't know what month though.

They have not said as yet other than Fall. Expected to be September.

iOS 7 beta is a developer only edition of iOS 7. There should be several versions before the final version is released to the public.