When will the iphone 5 become free with a 2-year contract?

I realize the iphone 5 is new and costs about $200 with a 2-year contract. I'm wondering how long it will take to get one for free with a 2-year contract or the price at least go down?

Probably the price will go down in a bit under a year, when the next new iPhone comes out. And the year after that when the NEXT one comes out, it might be free.

I would say in about a year or 2 and they would be refurbished not new… AT&T just recently started to give out free 4S phone with 2 years contract

Several years minimum…

Maybe in like 2 years

Probably when the iPhone 7 is released. Only after the release of the iPhone 5 did the iPhone 4 go down to $0 on a contract. The price will go down after the release of the iPhone 5S or 6, whatever Apple is planning.

I work for AT&T and most likely it will be when the next two models come out by that time we probably wont even sell the 4s

In 2 years