Where can I buy a cheap iPhone 5s?

I want to buy an iPhone 5s without any contracts.

Maybe ebay?

Iphones are never cheap. Get a real phone

Why would you ask this question and not say what your price range was?

Why would you expect any phone to be cheap without a contract? Why would you think that the iPhone 5S would be cheap anywhere?

No where, no one is going to sell it to you "cheap".

You can't get it cheap. An iphone without a contract is going to run $650 at the cheapest. And any claims of it being less are scams.

No place, apple controls the prices and does not allow any store to sell their products at reduced prices. If they try apple stops allowing them to carry their devices.

As the 5s is such a new phone I doubt anyone that bought one will be selling it yet.

Wait until a new model comes out next year and then people will start selling them when they upgrade. Unless you find someone that hates one they bought recently they won't be selling it any time soon.

I think in recently, you can't find cheap iphone 5s. You need to buy real price.