Which case is better? Otterbox or LifeProof?

I want a new case for my iPhone 4s, the current one I have isnt very good. Im considering these two, anyone have any reviews on the two?


Otter box.

I think otterbox is better and I see more people using otterbox

LifeProof! I've had my case for over a year and my iPhone looks brand new. Plus Otterbox isn't waterproof and it's extremely bulky. The LifeProof case gives the best protection and keeps the slim profile of your iPhone.

Definitely LifeProof. It's fully waterproof and shock proof and its much sleeker than the Otterbox case. I take mine to the beach with no worries and I've even done some underwater videos! Http://www.viddy.com/dustysherriffs

It seems that otterbox is better! I also have found another site for you, you can try to find a practical one, good luck!