Which is better? Galaxy Note 3 or iPhone 5S?

I really want the iPhone 5S because I have iTunes and I need my music. But at the same time the Note 3 looks like heaven and the camera looks awesome, but where would I put all my music?

Added (1). @Takkun: Don't answer anymore of my questions, please. -_-

Stick to one thing. Besides I am sure the camera must be fine on the iPhone 5s.

IPhone 5S come on now b. Don't even consider the galaxy. Steve Jobs didn't die for this

I think the iPhone 5 is better,
Wish you good luck.

You would put your music on the phone.
it's like putting music onto a flash drive.
most phones do come with a music app.
and there are plenty of free music players in the play store.

… If you can't figure out how to operate an external storage device, i have no idea of how you are functioning in today's world.

I don't know.


IPhone 5S

Galaxy Note 3

It depends on what you are looking for.

The Note 3 is almost 2 times faster and is 2 times better able to handle what 5S can. You can open up twice the number of apps the 5S can at one time. The 5S has 3 times less the RAM, so Galaxy Note completely powers over the 5S.

Battery life is much longer for the Note 3 too.

In my honest opinion, the Note 3 is far better than the 5S by miles. The only appeal factor the 5S have is that you can tell your friends,''Hey! I have an iPhone too!''

the iPhone 5s has a 64bit chip where the note 3 only has 32. Not a huge deal since android isn't optimized for 64 as apple is. So I disagree, it isn't far better by miles. Samsung has big screens but they are still behind the curve. :-)