Which is better HTC one or Iphone 5C?

I want to buy a good healthy phone which has all the best things in it.am confused in the two of them. I have been using android from the past 2 years but i am a bit confused about should i go for Iphone or stick with android. So help me guys!

I think you should stick with android because its on your hands now. You will feel better in using that instead of ios. But no doubt both phones are very good.go for HTC one man. Check this link for camparison!



IPhone 5S will be better!

Go for android based HTC one as compared to iphone 5C. Apple has recentlly launched not-so budget phone 5C which seems overpriced as well. The device will run on the latest iOS 7, but Apple has drop certain features like AirDrop or photo filters - which were the key highlights of iOS 7.
HTC one has great performance and brilliant camera.

For best price of HTC one, http://www.price-hunt.com/mobiles/htc-one.php

I suggest to get Iphone 5C. It is dependable and durable for my compare to others phone that I had before. And its up to you what will you choose. :)

Iphone 5c
its the best phone vs other phone…

They are both really good:)