Which is better, iPhone 5c or galaxy S3?

My birthday is coming up and trying to figure out which phone to get.

Go for iphone

They're all the same

You shouldn't be getting a phone for yourself someone should be getting it for you. I have both the galaxy is better though

Iphone 5c

Windows phone 8

I would go for the iPhone. The feel of the menu and interface is so much better.

Samsung galaxy s3 is better

For my the Galaxy is better but I am used to it therefore found the iPhone hard to use and Siri won't tell me why the heck she doesn't do what I ask her to do.
if I used an iphone regularly I might get over that

I would go with Galaxy 4 so it would spend a couple of months before being obsolete.
it is more a matter of preference than which is better if your everything else is sold by Apple you will likely want an iPhone