Which is better Iphone5s or Iphone5c?

Im trying to buy a Iphone but i dont know if i want a 5s or 5c please tell me

Iphone 5s I assume. But the latter sure is easy on the pocket

The 5S, cause the 5C looks cheap.

5s.who cares if the 5c is colored, you'll put a case over it anyway

This might help:)

Sorry, but you couldn't PAY me to use an iPhone. I've worked for a major US Cellular carrier for some time now, and we HATE getting calls from people with iPhones, because easily 90% of the time, the problem lies with the phone, not with our network. They're pieces of junk, and I wouldn't have one.

U shld get the 5s

why is iphone5s the best?

Iphone 5c is way better

I agree. IPhone5s seems better