Which is better, samsung galaxy note 3, or iphone 5s?

I've been using an iphone for several years now. When apple releases their Iphone 5s, i thought of buying it but my friends says Samsung galaxy is better because you have a lot more to do with it than the iphone. (Because they have more features). I considered their suggestion because I have my Ipad 4 with me, meaning not having an iphone at all is not really a loss. But I realized, I should be smart on buying which one is better because they cost a lot. So please help, which is better and why? I dont know anything about samsung.

I would upgrade to 5S on a new contract if your contract is up, they now take trade ins so you it would be like getting a cheap upgrade.

note 3

If you have been using iphones for a while I highy recommend the Note 3, its a fantastic phone that is very fast. Http://bit.ly/1e46y6X - This is a side by side comparison

They had a review where even the iphone 5 outperformed the Galaxy S4, so the S3 is better compared with the 4S. The iphone 5S without a question is the best phone on the market.

I would prefer iPhone 5S much more than Galaxy Note 3.

Note 3 is the best phone in the market.