Which is better: Talkatone or GV Mobile +?

I have Talkatone, and it's great for calling, but I don't love the way it does text messaging. GV Mobile + is 2.99 whereas Talkatone was free, but I'd be willing to pay that if it works the same as Talkatone for calls, and has better messaging. I also want to make sure it will make and receive calls through my Google Voice account rather than my iPhone number. And how well do the push notifications work? If someone could answer these questions ASAP it'd be greatly appreciated. :)

I just use the free official Google Voice app these days for texting, Talkatone only for outgoing VoIP calls.

I bought GV Mobile+ a long time ago, but don't really use it anymore. It's no longer on my iPhone, but it might be on my iPad.

The official Google Voice app's push notifications work great.