Which one is better, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Iphone 4 apple?

I want to buy a new phone but i don't know which one. I love the one that has higher mega pixels but i don't like big-size-phone.

There is NO best! (I'll prefer iPhone 4)

So iPhone 4 can run amazing apps, it's fast, it can brake but not that easily, and it has Siri which you can talk to and it will obey your commands like "Siri, What is the best restaurant in a 1 km radius? And also it does not cost as much as Galaxy s3!

I don't know much of Galaxy s3 but it is fast but iPhone is faster! This can break more easy then the Iphone 4! Apple Sued Samsung for more than 100 million dollars for stealing ideas on their products!

Get iphone 4, but if i were you i would buy the new iphone 5 or wait a couple of days for a better answer: D

Buy the s3, cuz it is a 1.4ghz quad core, 8 mp rear camera for 1080p hd recording, 4.8 ' super amoled HD screen, and upgraded t it is faster the Iphone 4 cuz its has a quad core wid 1gb ram and for Iphone 4 it is dual core wid 512mb ram, go for the s3 cuz you will have the most fun with it as compared to n Iphone 4… Go for it and you will know what hat I m talking about! :-)

Well you like a phone which has highter resolution ( apple 326 vs s3 306) and apples 3.5 vs 4.8
clearly Iphone suits you more, no need to care about specs. The Iphone 4 is still new and the processor inside can still handle hardcore games, thanks to apples simple and fast OS. S3 is good, but you said you dont want big phones.

Iphone 4 cannot compete with Galaxy S 3, in fact it even can't compete Galaxy SII.

You can watch comparison videos on Youtube and then decide yourself. Iphone is always expensive with less features,

Don't pay MORE to get LESS.