Which prepaid plan has the better deal for iphone 4?

The net10 $50 dollar plan or the straight talk $45. Which one is better as far as better coverage, data speed and other features

StraightTalk $45/month plan is what I would recommend.

Net10 and Straight Talk are both divisions of Tracfone wireless. They both offer the same amount of service days and minutes, text messages and data with the unlimited monthly plans.

There are a few differences between Net10 and Straight Talk.

1. You have to buy all of your phones and airtime cards for Straight Talk from Wal-Mart or Straight Talk.com
Net10 sells their phones and airtime cards at a variety of different retailers including Walgreens, K-Mart, Family Dollar, Radio Shack, Dollar General (Wal-Mart as well), gas stations and grocery stores. Many times you can find Net10 phones on sale at the above mentioned stores. My local Wal-Mart NEVER puts Net10 or Straight Talk phones on sale.

2. Net10 offers roaming with your phone. So you can use your phone any where as long as you are getting service for your phone and not worry about a roaming charge.
Straight Talk will let you roam for 3 months out of 12 with your phone and shut off service if you are not using your phone with towers from the provider that your phone was programmed to use.

I prefer Net10 and have used Net10 since its release in 2005 or 2006. Straight Talk is giving you $5 off to buy your phones and airtime cards exclusively at Wal-Mart. If you have to drive across town to buy an airtime card from Wal-Mart each month, but a Walgreens, K-Mart, or gas station down the street sells a Net10 airtime card. It doesn't make much sense to save $5 on airtime but spend the gas money to get to the store.
If you travel with your Straight Talk phone and where you travel to does not support your Straight Talk phone, you may have your phone turned off because you are using your phone in an area that does not support that model of phone. You can set up a Net10 phone and usually not worry about having service with your phone. Some areas may not allow your Net10 phone to have service. But the same model of Straight Talk phone would not have service in that area either.

3. Net10 allows you to switch from pay as you go service to monthly service on all of their basic phones. So if you are going to be short on money but still need a phone, or you are not using as many minutes as you were using when you bought the phones, you can still get service for your phone.
You will still need the unlimited airtime cards for a smart phone to have service no matter if you use Net10 or Straight Talk.

I prefer to use basic phones that are cheap. I also like to buy new phones and switch the phones I use. I have bought 3 Net10 phones in the last 2 years. The first one was on sale for $29.99, regular price of $79.99 at K-Mart. The second phone was on sale for $9.99, regular price of the phone was $99.99 at Radio Shack. The third phone I bought was from the Net10 website. I paid $25 for the 750 minutes or text messages airtime card and got a phone for free. I spent $40 for 3 qwerty keyboard phones, one with wifi. I would have had to spend $89.99 for the first phone from Straight Talk, $99.99 for the second phone from Straight Talk and $89, and the third phone with wifi is no sold from Straight Talk. So I would have had to spend at least $79.99 to buy a phone with wifi and buy monthly plans for service. Where as the phone I bought can use either monthly service plans or pay as you go.

So far I think I am more money a head using Net10 than I would be if I would have been using Straight Talk.

If you have any more questions on Net10 or Straight Talk send me a message and I will try to help you answer them.

NET 10 certainly does have it's been benefits (as described by Emotional Zombie), however, I am not aware that NET 10 allows for iPhones on their network. Straight Talk definitely does. Check out Straight Talk's Bring Your Own Phone program for more details.