Which smartphone should I get? Iphone 5, Samsung S4, or Blackberry Q10?

Help! Im torn between these three! Which among these phones do you think should i buy without regretting in future!



I have an iphone 5 but i wish i had an s4. They are better in may ways, and, well, they just look cooler

Definitely the S4. I have the S3 and I love it to death. Greatest investment I have ever made. I can imagine the four can only be better!


Samsung s4 because it reads along with you when you are reading some thing on Internet and other cool stuff

I have the IPhone 5 and I love it. It works very well and is very used friendly. My boyfriend has the galaxy s4 and it has a lot of extra features but it is very hard to use. They are both very good phones. If you are more comfortable with apple products I would definitely go with the iPhone

Ok blackberry sucks

Iphone 5 is not that great and the battery life sucks on it

If I were you i would get Samsung S4 right now both Samsung S4 and HTC one are the best top of the line phones out there

Samsung S4 has a way better camera than IPHONE, S4 has 13 mp camera, IPHONE 5 only has 8mp and S4 has a way bigger screen as well a 5 inch screen great for watching videos and easy on the eyes too.
it uses Android Jelly Bean which is pretty good and Google Play store for android has improved a lot and will continue to get better most of the apps you get on android are the same as the apple apps but they are free

Get either A Samsung S4 or an HTC one and you will never regret it
I preferably would choose HTC one

I would suggest the samsung s4. And i think the blackberry q 10 wont be as good as the iphone or the samsung… Also i would like to suggest the HTC one.