Why are people so greedy & selfish?

Okay so I was just on Facebook & this girl in my algebra classs birthday. Appearently she was all pissed off that her mom bought her the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5. She was bitching about how much she hated her mom & wish she'd drop dead. WELL MY MOM DID DROP DEAD. People really take things for granted & don't appreciate what they have. I really hate people.

Yeah people like that are just spoiled, stupid idiots that like to talk without thinking I want to punch people in the face like that! I'm sorry about your mom… :( But yes sadly there are people like that… Cheer up don't let people like that get you down…

Their parents. Lol as simple as that haha

It's in our nature. People have been greedy and selfish from the beginning of time, its part of our survival instincts.

Seanna got it right. It all stems from how the parents brought up their kid. The parents may not be selfish themselves, but they let their kid get away with way too much leading to a selfish, unreliable, lazy child. It's pretty much an epidemic.

Its their parents fault. Their parents raised that damn monster. Ugh!

This person sounds like a very spoiled individual. She doesnt appreciate what she has, and this will kill her down the road of her future. Be grateful that you can see what youhave and appreciate it, its a shame she can't. Im sorry about you're mom.<3