Why can't I turn wifi on my iPhone 4S?

It won't even give me the option.ive tried restoring settings updating to ios6.3 or whatsoever it's called lol. If someone can help that would be brilliant:) I have wifi at home and it's so annoyin I can't use it x

You need your password to your wifi. If it the password doesn't work, call your service provider.

1. Go to settings
2. Tap wifi
3. Click the name of your wifi and tap in your password.
4. Maybe you are clicking the wrong wifi for you, so call your wifi providers.

On your iPhone, launch the Settings app.
1. Select WiFi.
2. A list of WiFi networks will load. If your WiFi doesn't appear in the list, that means the network is not accessible (maybe it's off, or not configured to accept wireless connections). Select the WiFi you want to connect to.
3. If this is the first time connecting, you will be prompted for the WiFi network's passphrase (WPA, WPA2, or whatever encryption scheme you've setup on the router).
4. Once connected, you will see a "wave" icon appear at the top in the status bar next to your signal.

Judging from the flood of posts an an Apple forum while researching why my boss' 4S had the same problem, WiFi on iPhones can be troublesome, including some iOS versions being flaky about what WiFi they can connect to, and hardware failures.

My boss had both problems, WiFi would not connect to our office WiFi until he could find WiFi it would connect to at home, to update his iOS (which refused to update using mobile data). And eventually he could not even turn WiFi ON (remained grayed out). We tried everything that worked for some people including resetting networking and backing up and resetting the entire phone, and nothing helped. So he ended up getting a warranty replacement 4S.