Why cant i follow anymore people on instagram?

Okay, so im following 14 people and i have 127 followers. I started this morning. I press the following button, it turns green for 1 second then it goes back to blue right after. But when i logged into my other account it lets me follow people and I follow 600 people. Help ME HOW DO I FIX THIS. I tried waiting, re-installing, waiting and restarting my iphone 4. Please Help ME. And i tried contacting instagram but i have no idea how. Please Help ME.

I would suggest waiting it out. As i follow everyone back sometimes it does that and i have to wait an hour or two depending on how many i followed. If it doesn't resolve itself in about 5 or 6 hours i would suggest unintalling it then waiting a hour or two before reinstalling it. Then again instagram could just be down, hope i helped!

I am havign the same problem! I have tried reinstalling then installing it again however this has not worked either. It is also doing the same thing when I try liking someone elses photos. Any one had this issue before and knows how to fix it?

Yes same problem here. Ive tried everything and it been happening for abot 3 hours… Instagram help center doesnt let you report a problem

I have the exact same problem