Why did he stop talking to me all of a sudden? Is he losing interest?

So 2 weeks ago, I met this guy on this iphone dating app called Tinder (which is pretty popular) We exchanged numbers and texted A LOT for the first few days. However, the last time i texted him was friday night:

Me: Sorry i drunk texted you!
Him: Lol no i was rolling (popping E)
Me: I thought you said you were going to quit? Lol

That was the last message i sent him and it's been 3 days I haven't heard from him. Did he lose interest? Or does he need space?

I'm 19 and he's 24. He's not THAT busy because he's unemployed… And he uses his phone alot because he's been using facebook on his iphone.

I was never clingy to him. It was usually him who texted me first. But after the first few days, we've been texting a lot less.

But he did told me that he's going to take me out on a date when i go back to SF on friday. Should i mention that to him? Or should i forget about it?

I would go on and on about my relationship story with you, but that wouldn't get you anywhere so here's what you should do. I think the best thing, would be to confront him about his unusual behavior. You could ask him if somethings wrong. If maybe confronting him is a little too risky, and you still think you would like to hook up, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't remind him of your date. Don't forget about it, it's really sweet of him to ask you you on a date, and that's something that shouldn't go to waste. You could also start the conversation off with something like this: Hay, it's been awhile since we talked. Everything okay:(

So, yeah. I've been through many situations where I said the wrong thing and lost not only my crush, but my friend too. I know what to do(;

I thing he is busy now