Why do my notes disappear from my iPhone?

I'm sick of it. Because I kept A LOT of important things in the notes app, and some days later, I go to see my notes, and they're gone. Some stay, but new ones that I create, aren't there. I have 3 mail accounts set up on my phone. 1 is my Yahoo, 2 is my Gmail, and 3 is my pvlearners.net. Also, did it happen when i conmect my phone to my computer? Is there a way to get these notes back? They're important!

Listen were not Apple and were not Gmail. So whinge to them its there shoddy products you buy computers designed for dummies who cant even use a pc.

Ditto, mine keep going too!

Me too! SO
annoying, has anyone found a solution?

Check your email accounts under Notes folder in desktop computer. It happened to me twice and I found my notes in my email accounts. It depends on what email account you have as default in Notes app in the settings of your iphone.

Thanks for the tip - you saved me.

To the guest who was saved by the tip… Please translate that tip, please. What exactly did you do?

SAVED ME! Was in notes folder under my Hotmail. I recently reloaded that mail app that must be why?