Why do people think im mean?

Ok so my family is well off i guess but either people really want to be my friend or that hate me my last name is well known where i live so people know who I am they just assume im mean its really annoying i think that I'm really nice just because I get what ever i want or because I have a pool live. In a big house and have 4 cars! Its so annoying! Is there a way to stop this? Btw im in middle school in 7th grade i have the iphone 5s we aren't allowed to play on them in class but me and my real friends are because my dad paid the school to do that he also paid for me and my friends to have the best lockers im not trying to list all the things i have cause thats weird but trying to give you a little step in to my life so y does everyone think im mean? Are they just jealous?

intimidation factor?

Yeah they're probably just jealous, try and do some random act of kindness each day or something, but make sure it's something little so people son't think you're picking favourites, for example just help them out with something.
Good luck!

People may think you're mean because you flaunt your things in their faces. You have a phone that you're allowed to use when nobody else is because your dad paid the school? Really? He also paid for you to have the best lockers? There's no doubt you probably remind your peers of this fact, which is obnoxious and comes off as rude AND mean.

Also, the fact that you think that everyone is jealous of you is an indication that you ARE spoiled and immature. Immaturity is normal at your age but being a snobby "mean girl" is not the way to go if you want people to respect you.

They see that your spoilt, like seriously your dad paying the school so you can play on your phone during class? That's ridiculous you go to school to learn not play on your phones, and pick out the best lockers. You're spoilt rotten

they're jealous - but it sounds like they have good reason to be. If your dad is paying off the school so that you & your friends have extra benefits & people know about this - of course they're going to be jealous. I would stop telling everyone about all the stuff you have, this may help, good luck

You have everything materialistic, but with this attitude you will never have anything that matters in life. So sad for you.

You belong in private school where there are other children of privilege. Having you attend public school is setting you up ti be scrutinized and resented because the average child that attends a Public school can not afford the luxuries you fortunately have.