Why does my iPhone 4 say this accessory may not be supported and wont charge?

I have an iphone 4 on ios 7 and a couple of days ago I installed a minor update of ios 7 when a notification came up on my phone to do so.ever since then, when i plug my phone into the wall using a genuine Apple usb cable and genuine apple wall adapter my phone says "this accessory may not be supported" and my phone does not charge. I tried using another apple usb cable from a different socket and it did the same thing, i also tried using a non apple usb cable and it did not work and then i tried plugging the cables into my laptop and it still did not work. I looked up on the internet what to do and i cleaned out the charging port at the bottom of my iphone, turned off the wifi, tried all the different cables and usb ports and nothing worked. I tried resetting my phone and restoring it and nothing worked. What should i do? :(

Go to apple store!