Why does my iphone 5 die so quickly?

I just got my iphone 5 yesterday and after i fully charged it, it dies within 3 hours. The battery seems to decrease so quickly. Why is this happening?

Ask apple for some help on this

Probably because of all the gadgets and what not.
Go to settings, and turn down the brightness on your phone. Brightness wastes TON of batteries

Make sure that you have LTE turned off in non LTE zones.
Make sure your brightness is not too high.
Close all of your open apps when you are finished with them.

There are many more things to do but I can't think of them.
Good luck:)

Omg my ipod touch 5 does the same thing. Maybe to increase ur battery life is to decrease the brightness. Also you can get a app called battery doctor that can tell you how to save it

When you get a new phone, you must cycle the battery several times (cycle as in charge it up all the way, then discharge it entirely, then charge it back up all the way, unplug it when it reaches full, do not leave it charging afterward) before it will reach capacity. You will notice over the next few weeks the battery life will improve.